Prometheus, 2018 –  The Birth of Trashhecticcollective

Trash Hectic Collective (TrashCo.) is a group of collaborative artists from Edmonton made up of Colleen Ulliac and Deanne Lee, active 2018 to 2020.  They founded the collective with David Etim in 2018, and the three artists worked on a series of paintings together.  Colleen and Deanne went on to do murals and a community Save the Art pilot project.

TrashCo. coproduced with others by hosting drawing parties, volunteer work, and live painting events.  The collective placed emphasis on collaboration and the re-use of materials in art-making.

The Chain, 2019 –  Nextfest Mural Artists
Artist Statement

TrashCo. enjoys painting on upcycled items found during urban trash hikes and goodwill escapades, as well as taking on fresh commissions.  They work on anything from construction site waste and bedsheets stretched over frames to brand new guitars and skate decks.

Using the happiest colours they can find, the collective paints cynical and darkly humorous tales of Modern Day Folklore.  Subject matter often touches on dealing with mental health in the midst of a chaotic “neo-neo-dadaist” world.

Instagram: @trashhecticcollective

Save the Art


Save the Art is a monthly initiative to make art accessible, collaborative, and social.  Drop-in style from 7-11 pm at Dirtbag Cafe, 10505 – 107 St. Edmonton

These events are free and accessible to all, but donations in the form of cash or art supplies are welcomed to keep the program going!

*Event cancelled due to COVID-19*

Pink Gorilla Pizzeria Murals – Glow-in-the-Dark Predator, August 2019

MINBID Paint Nasty Mural Battle – Vignettes, July 2019

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The Works: Minbid’s The Cipher – Alberta Legislative Grounds, June and July 2019

Nextfest Mural Artists – 10158-82 Ave, June 2019


MINBID Wet Paint Sex Show – City Centre Mall, March 2019

Burden Legends – The Aviary, Jan 2019

Selected Works